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US Patent # 8,794,970

Control systems to emulate jet aircraft in reciprocating engine-powered trainers

Issued Aug 5, 2014

This disclosure describes novel aircraft control systems for propeller-driven training aircraft, and methods for their use. In an aspect of some embodiments, a control system might comprise an integrated power control that takes a single power input from the pilot and translates that input into controls for a throttle, a propeller pitch setting, and a fuel/air mixture. In another aspect of some embodiments, a glass cockpit may be provided, with computer displays emulating the instruments of the aircraft for which the pilot is training. Advantageously, this allows a pilot in training to learn, from the beginning, the power controls and/or instrumentation for the aircraft for which the pilot is training, instead of having to learn one power control and instrumentation system, only to later have to learn another system. In a specific embodiment, the instrumentation displays may be reconfigurable, allowing the displays to emulate those of a variety of jet aircraft.

US Patent # 8,784,107

Flight Training System

Issued Jul 22, 2014

Abstract: This disclosure describes novel systems, methods and software for providing flight training. In an aspect of some embodiments, flight data is collected during a training flight. That flight data then can be used to provide a review and/or simulation of the training flight. The student may be allowed to participate in the simulation by providing input from a set of controls. In some cases, an instructor (or another) might provide modified flight data, which can be used to modify the simulation. Advantageously, this allows for the analysis and simulation of a variety of hypothetical, “what-if” scenarios.

US Patent # 20060271249

Adjustment of altitude measurements

This disclosure describes novel systems, methods and software for determining a position of a tracked object, which might be a fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft, some other flying object, a vehicle (e.g., an automobile, a tactical military vehicle, etc.), a person, and/or the like. More particularly, in an aspect of this disclosure, a measured altitude for an aircraft is adjusted based on a correction factor, which is determined by comparing a measured altitude at reference point with a known reference elevation for the same reference point. This can provide enhanced accuracy and/or precision in recorded altitude measurements, which allows for more faithful presentation of altitude data, for example in post-mission debriefings, simulations and the like.

US Provisional Patent Application No. 62/152,611

Monolithic Optical Devices Constructed Using Subsurface Machine Lasers